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The MYS staff offers a week-long program of musical work, fun, and learning to challenge our musicians.

Open to MYS and non-MYS members.

Strings through 9th grade

Band through 12th grade!


June 17-21, 2024

Full Day: 8am - 3pm

Half Day Camp (1st year strings): 8am - 12pm

830 E 2nd Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204

FREE concert on Friday @ Stapley JH,

June 21st at 6:30pm.

 All full day campers will audition for placement

Auditions Mon. 6/10-Fri. 6/14 Starting at 3pm daily

MYS office - 49 W. 1st Street, Mesa


Placement Requirements:

  1. One to two minute solo or etude (student's choice)

  2. Scales appropriate for student's level. Winds may be asked to play a chromatic scale

  3. Short sight-reading excerpt


Registration Open

Full Day $290

Half Day Camp $190 (first year strings only)

Camp Registration

Elective Offerings

Yoga for Musicians

Participants will become familiar with a set of basic yoga poses that can help improve posture and balance, ease tension, and build flexibility. Be sure that clothing worn to this class will not restrict stretches for the arms or legs.

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